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 Toxic Spread Score Posting.

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Toxic Spread Score Posting. Empty
PostSubject: Toxic Spread Score Posting.   Toxic Spread Score Posting. EmptySun Dec 20, 2009 10:07 pm

Toxic Spread Score is the points you get whenever you post something on here.Each month,starting in 2010,the person with the highest Toxic Spread Score gets a free doll by me.Here's a list of how many points you get.

New Toxin!:5
Toxic FAQ:1
Toxic Site Posting:1
Toxic Rules:1
Toxic Board Blog:5
Toxined Clothing:8
Toxic Random:7
Toxic Shoppes:5
Toxinated Contests:2
Hand Drawns:6
Toxic Electronics:4
Toxic People:6
Toxic Life Styles & Choices:7
Toxic Fun:14
RP Games:13
Word Games:5
Stories,Poems,Jokes,and Riddles:9

Thread Making
New Toxins:5
Toxic FAQ,Site Posting,& Rules:3
Toxic Board Blog:3
Toxined Clothing:11
Toxic Random:14
Toxic Shoopes:9
Toxinated Contests:7
Hand Drawns: 8
Toxic Electronics:8
Toxic People:7
Toxic Life Styles & Choices:5
Toxic Fun:13
RP Games:11
Word Games:6
Stories,Poems,Jokes,and Riddles:12

With all Respect and Thought,
-Kelli santa

"Peace...peace sells...peace..peace sells!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!"
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Toxic Spread Score Posting.
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