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 RP Rules On Here

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PostSubject: RP Rules On Here   RP Rules On Here EmptyMon Dec 21, 2009 12:23 am

Here's a list of Rules so nobody gets confused on what they cant and can do.

-You cant control other character.Under no circumstances can you control what they say,do,think,hear,or feel.
-You cant have a perfect character.Your character must have at least 2 flaws and it cant be internally related(personality,feelings,etc.)
-You cant be mean to other characters just because of the person controlling that character.That's called being plain rude and that have some of you Toxic Spread Score taken off.
-You cant use the same character more tha twice.If you do,you'll have part of your TSS taken off.

Upload images for Appearance.
Make your own chatacter forms.
Make your own RP ideas.

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RP Rules On Here
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