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 Making A Begginers' RP

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Making A Begginers' RP Empty
PostSubject: Making A Begginers' RP   Making A Begginers' RP EmptyMon Dec 21, 2009 1:38 am

1st-Ask a Mod/Admin if you can make a RP.Give them the title,what it's about,and remember to ask them if they'd like to join because the Staff is a major part of the RP Area.
2nd-Once approved by a Mod/Admin,go make the RP with the exact details that you told the Mod/Admin.When making it,please give a two-three paragraph intro about what the whole deal is:the setting,time period,problem,and chracters so far.After that,you may add on some rules,but they cant cancel out the RP Rules.Then,after those paragraphs,make a form.I suggest you use this one for basic/begginer Rpers:

Character Form
Side(good or bad):
Appearance(description or IMG):

There has to be a Name,Age,Appearance,Problem/Disfunction,and Bio for a character.Also,you have the right to turn down a character if 1-You have to many people on one side,2-They don't have the necceccities for your RP,3-The RP is set to PRIVATE,4-They didn't fill out the areas needed to be,and 5-That character has already been used before in two other RP's.
3rd-Once your RP is set up and your form is made,make your own character.After all,you're going to be in it,right?Use your own form so others will understand your character like you want to understand theirs.If you need to know more about their character,mssg them or chat with them about it.If your character dies,you have a choice of being a ghost and possesing people(if your character is in some sort of RP where humans are humans).
4th-Now that your RP is all set up and done,you should wait for other people to join while you start it off with an Opening Paragraph,or you can advertise your RP around the forum by telling friends,commenting random profiles,or just asking the Mods/Admins if they'd like to join(which we might Smile )Also,you ned at least 3 ppl to oin,so you can start.If you only have 2,someone might think the RP's set to private.
5th-By this point,you'll have your RP up and running and on a roll.Once your RP reaches 10 pages,nobody else can join though,so by this time,write down the characters so far and keep the list around because youll need to keep track of who's who in the RP until you can easily know.

Good luck and have fun!Credit to Me!

"Peace...peace sells...peace..peace sells!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!"
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Making A Begginers' RP
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