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 FAQ Q's & A's

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PostSubject: FAQ Q's & A's   FAQ Q's & A's EmptySun Dec 20, 2009 9:41 am

1-Q-Can I take a doll,graphic,siggy,etc. without it being mine?
A-No.If the item isn't yours,just ask for a item like it.It most likely will be given to you by that person in the next few days unless stated otherwise.See the reply to understand.

2-Q-What if someone denies my request?
A-Then get me to personally make it for you instead!I am willing to make a graphic ot any of my extend unless it's a banner or gltter graphic.If I cant make the graphic,I'll find someone who can.

3-Q-Somebody's being rude to me and sending my all this mean mail.What do I do?
A-Report it 1st thing to Me.I'll take care of it,but remember to give me the name of the person who's doing it to you.See the reply to understand what to do.

4-Q-I want to make my own shop,but I don't know what quality I am(for my form to be accurate and for people not to be mean about my items I make).
A-You should ask a Mod or Admin before you do anything.The Mods & Admins here are especially trained for animating and creating graphics that are in that level.If they're not,then you should og on instinct.

5-Q-Can I ever share a shop with somebody?
A-Yes,but you must tell a Mod or Admin that you are going to 1st.Also,that that user must be aware that they are and must not have another shop.See the reply to understand.

6-Q-Sombody's telling lies.What do I do?
A-Nothing.You can't do anything.But,you should tell a Mod or Admin that this is happening so we can straighten everything out.

7-Q-It wont let me upload a avi.Why not?
A-Usually,because the image is too big or the file size is.See the reply to understand.

8-Q-Who can become a Mod or Admin?
A-Usually,nobody.I can sometimes go based on when I need one,how long you've been here,if you're good with the people on here,or what you act like.I'll usually set up something like a contest for a new admin.

9-Q-I sent you a PM asking for help about something.You wont reply;why not?
A-I'm probably busy on the threads and such,but most of the time,I'll be checking my mail.I have another account for you to send in all your problems in so my mail wont get clouded with PM's from you.I'll get to it in a min. of 2 days though,so it shouldn't be a long wait ^-^

(Q-My cat's on crack.What should I do?
A-Well,you should take your cat to the vet to ask if there's anything you can do.)

10-Q-My items don't seem to upload correctly(theres a big red X in a white box).What do I do?
A-You should mail a Mod or admin your image so we can upload it for you.We don't steal :{D

11-Q-My computer runs extrememly slow because of the layout.How can you help?
A-Whenever you get a chance,PM me or another Admin(not a Mod)about it.We'll have to change it.We have backup layouts.

12-Q-My computer STILL runs slow because of the layout.Help!
A-Well then there's nothing we can do except go back to the original layout,which I think alot of people wouldn't like,or you can get another computer or another browser :{0

13-Q-Sometimes,when I come on here,then post something,my computer signs me out,and then my post isn't there!.What's with that?
A-It might be if you waited for about 5-10 minutes without posting,so the board signs you out because you were considered not here.You should be ok with posting it afterward(if you don't take 5-10 minutes again).

Got any questions?We got answers.PM them to me so I can post them on here.Un-important ones will be answered through mail.

"Peace...peace sells...peace..peace sells!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!"
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FAQ Q's & A's
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