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 Disrespect & Inactivity

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Disrespect & Inactivity Empty
PostSubject: Disrespect & Inactivity   Disrespect & Inactivity EmptyMon Dec 21, 2009 5:54 am

If you disrespect anyone,speifically Admins,and you seem to be starting a war with one,you'll be given a week to cool off and you may come back,and so on.If this 3,you'll be deleted and your IP Adress will be given ban.

If you're inactive for more than 2 weeks without notice,your account will be deleted.We'll send you an email telling you we did so and we'll send one a week before we do so.If you notice you cant get into your account,make another one and ask for your other account to be delted or merged & deleted.You'll have no reason for your other account,so we'll add your stuff over.We want to do this because Toxic Spread Scores count and we dont want to be unfair at all.

"Peace...peace sells...peace..peace sells!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!"
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Disrespect & Inactivity
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