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 Charging For Graphics

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PostSubject: Charging For Graphics   Charging For Graphics EmptyWed Dec 23, 2009 8:56 am

You may now charge TSS for a graphic you sell @ your shop.The prices cant be lower than @5 and no higher than @20.You can charge serperate items you sell or charge altogether.Before you charge for your shop,plz tell a Admin 1st so we may write down your shop.Also,tell us when a person posts for a graphic from you.If you dont,not only are you not getting money,but they get that item free with no charge.We dont know whars happening 24/7 so plz tell us.When you charge stuff,plz tell us what ur selling and how much of it you're selling.Thanx!

-Kelli santa

"Peace...peace sells...peace..peace sells!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!"
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Charging For Graphics
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