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 Posting A Problem

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PostSubject: Posting A Problem   Posting A Problem EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 9:29 pm

When youre about to post a preoblem you have,plz search through other thread for your problem 1st and read through the topic.If you're problem insnt in the topic,but fits the topic title,then you can post your problem in that.Posting a new thread is wasting your time.If you have life problems,then this isn't the area to discuss that in.You should dicuss that in Life Styles & Choices or PM KB,since she has gone through most of her life already XD.

"Peace...peace sells...peace..peace sells!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Posting A Problem   Posting A Problem EmptySat Dec 26, 2009 7:44 pm

If you mssg me a topic that spreads a little off,try editting it so it makes ense and it'll be much more easier to solve it.Also,try to make it as appropriate and not use cuss words.If it deals with someone on here & in real life,then plz dont talk to me about it and try to resolve it as much as possible.We are not in control of any problems that happen in life.Plz dont spam me with "Oh my life sucks." or "I hate you." or "Can I be a mod?" mssg's.For the 1st one or any relevance to that mssg:Well that's too bad,but is there anything I can do? or What's wrong?To the 2nd one or any relevance:If you hate me,why are you mssging me this? or OK.Well thank you for telling me this before we ever get into an arguement.I'll try my hardest to keep you happy.(I'm really a nice person XD)To the 3rd one or any relevance:I'm srry,but Grim or I will tell you if we need a mod.This doesnt mean you should stop posting.It just means you should start posting more often and you'll get that chance. or Actually,we'll be holding a contest soon so it'll be nice to have you around.If I was you,I
d go submit in the contest!

Basically,I just gave you some DL.Plz abide by this cuz it'd suck to have to ban you or set you straight.

Don't be fooled by Winter's snow.
It may be there when you grow.
Stuck inside the warmest depths is where you'll live.
Your cold hard life is what you give.
You wait and ponder and wonder about.
There's nothing worth catching trout.
So sit there by the warmest part of the fire.
Watch the time pass by as the flames grow higher.

The Winter Fire-KB
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Posting A Problem
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