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 Username Changing

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Username Changing Empty
PostSubject: Username Changing   Username Changing EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 9:46 pm

I understand that sometimes you dont like ur username and wanna change it,but you cant.If you want it changed,you must tell me or KB to change it for you.If it's inappropriate,we'll ask you if you want a different name because that is not acceptable.Don't throw a fit and no exceptions will be made,even if you're our best friend.WE dont accept being spammed either.WE'll ban u if you do.

-Kelli santa,Karan rendeer

"Peace...peace sells...peace..peace sells!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!Peace sells,but who's buying?Peace sells,but who's BUYING?!"
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Username Changing
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