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 After XMas Party

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After XMas Party Empty
PostAfter XMas Party

We'll be having an After XMas Party.Too bad there were no gifts sent out,but at least we have a party.Well,the party is today of course and we'll be giving out random toxic spread areas every 30 minutes-1hr to random members.If you never got any toxic spread areas then it might be because you never posted.Toxic Spread Areas are given by the following chart:

Contest Poster-10 TSS
Suggestion & Problem Poster-15 TSS
Forum Helper-20 TSS
Chat Addict-15 TSS
Chat Moderator-20 TSS
Best Friend Forum-5 TSS

If you have all of these or some of these,they'll be added up or given to you at different times.You only get TSS for each catagory,once.

Don't be fooled by Winter's snow.
It may be there when you grow.
Stuck inside the warmest depths is where you'll live.
Your cold hard life is what you give.
You wait and ponder and wonder about.
There's nothing worth catching trout.
So sit there by the warmest part of the fire.
Watch the time pass by as the flames grow higher.

The Winter Fire-KB
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After XMas Party :: Comments

Re: After XMas Party
Post on Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:41 am by xXGrimReaperXx
Actaually,we'll cancel that until we reach 10 memebers.The After Xmas party can happe nwhen we do and can happen until 3 days from now.Right now we have 5 ppl.
Re: After XMas Party
Post on Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:07 pm by KBSmiley
Well it's not gonna happen.I mean I know ur advertising in ur sig,but we have to pull stronger.Try ppl that post on the forums instead of friends.
Re: After XMas Party
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After XMas Party

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