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PostSubject: Official Toxic Shop   Official Toxic Shop EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 8:52 am

Welcome to the 1st Official Toxic Shop.This shop is dedicated to the "trade market" that happens among the Admins.We finally decided to open a shop for members as well.

OTS is a TRADE shop.You come here to trade in your graphics,info,or anything that revolves around that area.We store all the items until the end of the month,which is when we post it all in a thread,which is where your dolls will be rewarded and published from outside your own cp.

-No submitting incomplete items.It'd be a handful waste of time trying to get you to finish it.
-Always title the doll or give a good description.This is how we know what the items is.
-Never leave your signature(mark,credit,etc.)on the item.Some people will probably want to use them and would hate that.
-Make sure your item fits what it's supposed to be.If it's not,you'll be asked to change it.
-Don't steal something that has been submitted.We save the item to our cp's so we remember what they look like.


Random Images-5

(If you dont see a area,that you think should be on there,plz PM me or Grim with the area.)

The people below are the members who post most of this thread up and donate a bunch ^-^Thanx you guys!


Don't be fooled by Winter's snow.
It may be there when you grow.
Stuck inside the warmest depths is where you'll live.
Your cold hard life is what you give.
You wait and ponder and wonder about.
There's nothing worth catching trout.
So sit there by the warmest part of the fire.
Watch the time pass by as the flames grow higher.

The Winter Fire-KB
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Official Toxic Shop
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