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 Buying Your Way...

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Buying Your Way... Empty
PostSubject: Buying Your Way...   Buying Your Way... EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 9:41 am

Now you're able to buy your way into special features.You can buy:Moderation,which costs 9,000 in TSS and Member Profile Upgrade,which is where you can have 2 accounts,depending on how much you pay.2 acc.s=@500.3 acc.s=@1,000.4 acc.s=@2,000.5 acc.s=@5,000.You can also buy a rank.A rank is a special title that is given to you for a while.Buying a rank will cost you an expensive amount of:@50,000 affraid Ranks are for the whole board and you'll be able to choose everything about it when the info is given to you.Btw,all the TSS @'s sent in will go to the "running up" mods(who should've recieve their PM by now),except for the amounts over @2,000.Already mods & Admins recieve @'s of various amounts daily and on top of that,they post alot.So.....If you have any ideas on what we should ALSO let be buyable,plz PM me or Grim with reason and detail.If approved,you'll recieve @50.

Being Ur Fellow Admin,
-Karan rendeer

Don't be fooled by Winter's snow.
It may be there when you grow.
Stuck inside the warmest depths is where you'll live.
Your cold hard life is what you give.
You wait and ponder and wonder about.
There's nothing worth catching trout.
So sit there by the warmest part of the fire.
Watch the time pass by as the flames grow higher.

The Winter Fire-KB
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Buying Your Way...
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