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 ~~Berry Sunrise~~

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(:Goober Berry Sunrise:)

(:Goober Berry Sunrise:)

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PostSubject: ~~Berry Sunrise~~   ~~Berry Sunrise~~ EmptySat Jan 02, 2010 6:18 pm

Well,this is my little shop.I've opened it for a reason:I like to make and animate dolls.Most dolls will not coem out how exactly you expected and some will be perfect.I'm not premi and I have MS Paint.I also have a life so during the night,my shop is closed,but you may request.Dolls will porbably be done withing 3 days max.So get going!

Skin Color=
Eye Color=
Hair Color=
Hair Length=
Hair Style=
Top Type=
Top Color=
Top Length=
Bottoms Type=
Bottoms Color=
Bottoms Length=
Shoe Type=
Shoe Color=
Shoe Length=
Other Acc=
Text Colors=
Text Font=
Text Position=

Examples r in my avi!
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~~Berry Sunrise~~
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